Overview - How Fire Extinguisher Monitoring Works

How it works: 

How en-Gauge Technology Monitors Pressurepressure

The en-Gauge enabled fire extinguisher hangs on the wall just like your current extinguisher. But unlike the traditional approach, the en-Gauge enabled extinguisher utilizes a smart pressure gauge that sends an electronic signal when the pressure level has dipped below an operable level. This is an important feature, considering that 25% of inspected fire extinguishers are below safe operating pressure.




How en-Gauge Technology Monitors For Activation or Removaltether

en-Gauge ties fire extinguishers into alarm monitoring systems through our smart tether connected to the pressure sensor. As soon as the extinguisher is pulled off the wall, the disconnected tether trips a switch and sends an electronic signal to your alarm system, notifying you the instant the extinguisher has been removed.   




How en-Gauge Technology Monitor For Access and Obstructionmonitor

Fire extinguishers can often become blocked creating a building code and Americans with Disabilities Act violating hazard. The en-Vision accessibility and obstruction sensor serves as a remote set of eyes, watching the access.  If something is blocking the sensor, which sits below, the extinguisher, it trips a switch. A prolonged obstruction notifies you through a trouble signal to the building monitoring system.








Extend Your Protection Beyond Fire Extinguishers:

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