Lower Costs, Improve Care


Minimize these Oxygen related headaches:

  • Empty O2 tanks obstructing patient flow
  • Oxygen tank management
  • O2 supply chain management
  • Wasted resources

Your healthcare organization is wasting serious time and money on Medical Oxygen

The fact is managing Medical Oxygen is a headache. 100 year old tank management practices lead to frustrated staff, patient safety risks and carrying twice as much inventory as necessary.  

en-Gauge changes all that. Fill out the form to the right to view this short eBook to learn how electronic monitoring will lower your Medical Oxygen expenses while improving patient care, lowering risk and helping preserve the sanity of your staff.

You'll gain insight into how electronic medical oxygen monitoring can improve:

  • Patient Safety

  • Hospital Operations

  • Code Compliance

  • The Bottom Line

Fill out the form to the right and you'll be well on your way to becoming a company hero (and the transport team's best friend).

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