Monitoring Solutions and Internet of Things Applications

A Better Way To Manage Compliance

Monitoring delivers better results than inspection.

en-Gauge solutions are designed to work with market leading safety equipment. en-Gauge smart sensors monitor condition and activation of safety equipment, and environmental condition 24x7, insuring equipment is in place and ready to go and facilities stay in compliance with fire and life safety codes and standards.  

Keep compliant with:

  • Americans With Disabilities Act
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • OSHA
  • Joint Commission 
  • Center For Medicare and Medicade Services


cta-Fire-Extinguishers-v1 enGauge-O2 enGauge-Accessibility-Obstruction   enGauge-Duress enGauge-Crash-Carts enGauge-AED enGauge-Industrial-Gases enGauge-Emergency-Kits enGauge-Temperature-Sensing enGauge-Evacuation-Chairs enGauge-Fire-Suppression-System enGauge-Pull-Stations enGauge-Wireless-Sensor-Networks 

en-Gauge Solutions Integrate With Leading Alarm and RTLS Systems Including: