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Working and Accessible Fire Extinguishers - A Different Outcome

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 1/9/14 9:00 AM

Over the holidays, I got together with a group of friendFire-Extinguisher-in-uses for a night of laughter and good cheer.  At some point over the course of the evening we started talking about a friend who was injured in the 2003 Station Night Club fire in Rhode Island that killed 100 people and injured 230 more.  He was one of the lucky ones and escaped with some minor burns and some terrifying stories. 

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Fire Extinguisher Success Stories: The First Line of Defense

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 7/10/12 2:17 PM

It seems to us that it has been too long since we wrote a fire extinguisher success story wrap-up. As usual, the stories aren’t hard to find.  Small fires kept from turning into large, devastating fires by quick thinking individuals using these critical life safety devices.  Here is a wrap up:

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Schools and Universities Key Target of Fire Extinguisher Vandalism

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 11/16/11 12:15 PM

Virtually every day, stories about vandalism in schools appear in the press, all with one consistent theme.  The vandals and criminals discharge fire extinguishers in the facilities causing substantial damage, evacuations, school closings and costly cleanup charges.  Here are some stories about schools that have been subjected to fire extinguisher vandalism in just the past few weeks.

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Toddler Dies in Fire, Fire Codes Violated, Electronic Fire Extinguisher Monitoring and Annual Inspections Could have helped

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 9/28/11 12:49 PM

A very sad story.  In Albuquerque, NM a 1 year old toddler was killed in a fire that was started when her 4 year old sister was playing with a lighter.  Unfortunately, it is possible that this tragedy did not need to happen.

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Flight diverted due to tampered with fire extinguisher

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 9/21/11 12:43 PM

After a "suspicious" passenger left the lavatory of the plane, an alert flight attendant noticed a fire extinguisher was out of place and notified the pilots. The plane was diverted as a safety measure.

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Helping University President's Meet their Climate Commitments

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 8/17/11 11:52 AM

Reading the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment is a positive ex
melting-glaciers-in-mountainsperience.  As one colleague said to me, “I felt hopeful after reading it that so many smart people are throwing the weight of their institutions behind finding the answers to climate change.”  I couldn’t agree more. 

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Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 7/12/11 10:54 AM

We run across these stories ALL the time.  Fire extinguishers are the first response against indoor fires. Properly functioning fire extinguishers can put out the majority of early stage fires. In order to protect the lives of those who you are responsible for it is important to ensure that your fire extinguishers are working properly. Here are 10 recent incidents in which fire extinguishers were stolen or vandalized leaving a building at risk in the case of Dickenson High or and in extreme cases like the motel fire in Hoover Alabama, resulted in loss of life.

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Uninspected Fire Extinguishers Can Be a Matter of Life or Death

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 5/24/11 11:29 AM

en-Gauge is dedicated to improving life safety, and for years we have been discussing the dangers related to uninspected and empty, missing and blocked fire extinguishers.  Still, it never fails to distress us when we learn about a situation where uninspected fire extinguishers are a contributing factor to the loss of life.  

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Fire Extinguishers Control Cockpit Fire on Transcontinental Flight

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 3/25/11 10:58 AM

There are a bunch of travellers happy that the fire extinguishers on their flight from New York to Los Angeles worked properly.  According to the New York Post:

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Parking Garage Fire Extinguishers Critical to Life Safety

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 3/15/11 10:53 AM

I was in New York City yesterday for a meeting, and as I was empty_extinguisher_in_parking_garage_0walking through the parking garage to my car for the drive home, I noticed a fire extinguisher case to the side.  As I usually do when I have a free moment, I walked over to make sure the extinguisher was in place and fully charged.  Unfortunately, the extinguisher was empty.  I snapped this photo and shook my head.  Having grown up in the fire protection industry, it always upsets me when I see something like this as I know how important having a working extinguisher can be in an emergency....that is why we started en-Gauge - to make sure thatcritical life safety equipment was monitored 24/7and available when needed.

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