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Security Officers Arrested For Tampering With Fire Extinguisher Records

Posted by en-Gauge on 8/20/14 10:55 AM

Falsifying fire extinguisher records is bad news for two security offices in Onondaga New York.  Fire extinguisher tags filled in falesly can be found all over the country, in hospitals, retail stores, hotels and more. They are easy to spot,  just look for same day of the month, same pen, same person as a patten on a tag.  This caught up with the officers in Onondaga:CameraAwesomePhoto-(8)

Onondaga Community College fired two security officers after accusing them of tampering with 1,410 records involving fire extinguishers and defibrillators.
Daniel Marshall and James Moran were due in Onondaga Town Court for arraignment Tuesday night, but the case was adjourned due to a paperwork problem.
Marshall faces 966 counts of misdemeanor tampering with a public record. Moran faces 444 counts of the same crime, said Chief Assistant District Attorney Alison Fineberg.
The charges stem from tampering that occurred from mid-September to mid-January, Fineberg said.
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Good for the leadership at Onondaga!  Recognizing this tampering for what is it, fraud. 
Example photo above is from  fire extinguisher not related to Onondaga Community College. 

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