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Parking Garage Fire Extinguishers Critical to Life Safety

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 3/15/11 10:53 AM

I was in New York City yesterday for a meeting, and as I was empty_extinguisher_in_parking_garage_0walking through the parking garage to my car for the drive home, I noticed a fire extinguisher case to the side.  As I usually do when I have a free moment, I walked over to make sure the extinguisher was in place and fully charged.  Unfortunately, the extinguisher was empty.  I snapped this photo and shook my head.  Having grown up in the fire protection industry, it always upsets me when I see something like this as I know how important having a working extinguisher can be in an emergency....that is why we started en-Gauge - to make sure thatcritical life safety equipment was monitored 24/7and available when needed.


So this morning when I checked my Google Alerts and found this story, I was deeply saddened.  A West Virginia man was working in a parking garage earlier this month when an explosion occured and the man caught on fire.  According to WSAZ.com, the local TV station's news site:

Mark Ziegler, an employee at the city garage, tells WSAZ.com that he heard what sounded like a bomb. Ziegler says he then rushed inside the garage to see George Willoughby on fire. He and other workers then used fire extinguishers to put out the flames.

Willoughby is listed in critical condition at Cabell Huntington Hospital.


Thank goodness the fire extinguishers in this instance were where they were supposed to be an working properly.  For more information on how to make sure your garage extinguishers are monitored consistently and to be sure they are ready for emergencies, contact us.

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