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More Fire Extinguisher Violations

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 3/29/11 11:08 AM

I am starting to be dismayed by how many fire extinguisher violations I run across.  It's not as if I look at every fire extinguisher at every location I visit - although, growing up in the fire protection industry, I probably do look at 20% of them.  In the last week, I've run across three more, and I am just one guy sitting in my office most days.

If I am finding this many, the number of blocked, missing or depressurized extinguishers has to be truly daunting.  It points out just how insufficient the 30-day manual fire extinguisher inspection as required by NFPA really is.  Now that we are about to pass 1000 followers on Twitter, I think it is time to start asking other safety professionals to start keeping an eye out and forwarding along pictures.

Here are my most recent fire extinguisher inspection violations

Blocked Fire Extinguisher



Empty Fire Extinguisher at a Restaurant



Blocked or Missing Fire Extinguisher at a Restaurant



Keep your eyes open for the announcement of the great fire extinguisher violation hunt.

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