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Fire Extinguisher Inspections Not Enough for National Hotel Chain

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 1/4/11 9:45 AM

This past week I stayed in Miami in a boutique size, big chain hotel.  My stay at the hotel was terrific.  Helpful and friendly staff, clean rooms and well kept facilities made my stay very pleasant,  I would gladly stay there again.   Even in this well run hotel, however,  the fire extinguisher outside my room was empty.


Hotel-Extinguisher-Still-DepressurizedWalking to my room, I noticed the Class ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher on the 9th floor had lost pressure  The pressure gauge read empty.  There was no visible means to tell when it was last inspected.  The fire extinguisher was in a locked cabinet.

I informed the front desk to the problem on both Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th, and yet the inoperable fire extinguisher remained in service through my return to the hotel on the Wednesday the 22nd.

On Wednesday the 22nd, I again informed the front desk and stressed why having no usable fire extinguishers
medium_Hotel-Extinguisher-Still-Empty on the 9th floor was such a bad idea.  When I checked on the 23rd,  nothing had been done although it was assured it would get fixed.

During both my visits to the hotel there was construction being done on the 9th floor, and the only visible fire extinguisher was the empty, inoperative fire extinguisher close by in the hall. This creates a dangerous workplace situation, as well as a situation where hotel guests are at increased, unnecessary risk.

During my second visit I mentioned this issue to a member of the wait staff while asking who to talk to about this.  He said that he was not surprised as there has been “an empty one in the kitchen for months”.

I can’t say how long the fire extinguisher was empty.  I can say it showed no signs of vandalism and it may have been inspected to code.  It likely just leaked.  

I do not know if has been fixed. 

Yet again, proof that 30 day fire extinguisher inspections are insufficient.




Fire extinguisher inspection

There are building owners and managers in all sectors who neglect 30 day fire extinguisher inspections,  To those that do,  I say,  you’re making a mistake.  You need to respect the fire codes and get the inspection job done or start monitoring your fire extinguishers. 

Fire extinguishers and fire systems as a whole are not infallible,  buildings need layers of fire protection, fire extinguishers are layer #1 in stopping a small fire from becoming a blaze.  Fire extinguishers in commercial structures in the United States stop more than 500 fires everyday* That includes an estimated 20 times everyday in hotels. 

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