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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Defined

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 12/2/10 4:09 PM

Fire extinguisher inspection is act of ensuring that a fire extinguisher is available, accessible and functioning properly.  Fire extinguisher inspection is required for all fire extinguisher types in the United States.  
medium_fire-extinguisher-inspection-gaugeFire extinguisher inspection is required by state and local fire codes driven by the international fire codes and the National Fire Protection Association(NFPA).  The NFPA fire code that covers fire extinguisher inspection is NFPA 10.  


NFPA 10 requires both annual and 30 day fire extinguisher inspections.  These inspections have three primary objectives: 1) insure the fire extinguisher is in place 2) the fire extinguisher is not obstructed and 3) insure that the fire extinguisher is in working order.


30 day fire extinguisher inspections are required unless the fire extinguisher is monitored by an electronic monitoring system such as the en-Gauge system.

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