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Electronic Monitoring Works With All Types of Fire Extinguishers

Posted by Brendan McSheffrey on 12/15/10 8:57 AM

All too often we are asked if the en-Gauge technology will work with “X” brand of fire extinguisher 
Amerex-fire-extinguisher-logoand over and over we give the same reply, yes.

medium_buckeye-fire-extinguisher-logoYes to Amerex. Yes to Ansul. Yes to Badger. Yes to Buckeye. Yes to Kidde. Yes, Yes Yes. (Note the alphabetical response).

Any fire extinguisher that requires a pressure gauge can be retrofitted with en-Gauge technology
ansul-fire-extinguisher-logo. A standard pressure gauge has a component UL listing and so does an en-Gauge enabled pressure gauge. So if your building has Buckeye fire extinguishers and you want to retrofit them, you may. Your new project specifies Amerex extinguishers? No problem.

CO2 extinguishers or cartridge operated units, also not a problem. There’s an en-Gauge collar that can be 
badger-fire-extinguisher-logo_(1)utilized with these
kidde-fire-extinguisher-logotypes of units and will monitor for location, position, obstruction and immediate removal.

So as you are looking at the Kidde or Ansul extinguishers in your facility and you want to get them en-Gauge enabled – go right ahead.



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