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Find out how fire extinguishers lead in protecting the environment


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Hospitality businesses treat countless thousands of guests each year and as a result have a unique Hospitality-Industry-Life-Safetyperspective on life safety.  Guest safety, code compliance and operational waste are issues that hospitality managers must focus on every day. en-Gauge’s Life Safety Monitoring Technology addresses these challenges, lowering your costs and your risk while streamlining your processes, and ensuring compliance with safety codes.

We Provide Life Safety Equipment Awareness


en-Gauge Monitors and Tracks Your Life Safety Equipment, including:


Proven Benefits:

  • Reduction in transporation costs associated with inspection and maintenance
  • Elimination of the mandatory 30 day fire extinguisher inspection as required by OSHA and NFPA
  • Reduction or elimination of fire extinguisher vandalism
  • Lowered equipment maintenance costs
  • Assurance that your life safety equipment is ready when called upon

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