ICC Electronic Fire Extinguisher Standards

ICC Allows For Electronic Monitoring of Fire Extinguishers

  1. General requirements. Fire extinguishers shall be selected, installed and maintained in accordance with this section and NFPA 10.ICC

2. 30-day inspections shall not be required and maintenance shall be permitted to be once every three years for dry-chemical or halogenated agent portable fire extinguishers that are supervised by a listed and approved electronic monitoring device, provided:

  1. Electronic monitoring shall confirm that extinguishers are properly positioned, properly charged, and unobstructed, and

         2.2 Loss of power or circuit continuity to the electronic monitoring device shall initiate a trouble signal, and

         2.3 The extinguishers shall be installed inside of a building or cabinet in a non-corrosive environment, and

         2.4 Electronic monitoring devices and supervisory circuits shall be tested every three-years when extinguisher maintenance is performed.

         2.5 A written log of required hydrostatic test dates for extinguishers shall be maintained by the owner to ensure that hydrostatic tests are conducted at the frequency required by NFPA 10.