Healthcare: Improving Outcomes and Reducing Costs

Healthcare Leaders Are Required to Know 

Inspections Are Not Enough

Healthcare administrators struggle everyday with the challenge of improving outcomes and reducing costs.  en-Gauge’s Life Safety Monitoring Technology addresses these challenges, lowering your costs and your risk while streamlining your processes, increasing patient and staff safety and ensuring compliance with safety codes.

We Provide Life Safety Equipment Awareness

  • Know the instant your life safety devices are called into action - anywhere on campus
  • Receive notification the moment your equipment needs service
  • Ensure your equipment is not blocked, obstructed or empty
  • Insure compliance with NFPA, OSHA and Joint Commission and CMS

en-Gauge Health Care Solutions:

enGauge-Fire-Extinguishers enGauge-O2 enGauge-Accessibility-Obstruction enGauge-Crash-Carts enGauge-Temperature-Sensing 

enGauge-Evacuation-Chairs enGauge-Emergency-Kits enGauge-AED enGauge-Pull-Stations enGauge-Software


en-Gauge Healthcare Solutions Integrate With Leading Alarm and RTLS Systems Including:


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