Emergency Kit Solutions

In an Emergency, You Need to Know

Hazardous material spills, traumas and other emergencies require your response equipment to be at the ready.

It is hard to be certain if you are ready and imposible to know when safey equipment is in use.  Whether it is a small event with a first aid kit or a serious hazmat clean up,  safety personel need to know that equipment is ready, accessible and when it has been activated for use.

Accessibility and activation monitoring with en-Gauge's en-Vision Module:

  • 24x7 accessabilty monitoring
  • en-Vision Obstruction Recognition 
  • Keeps a 36 inch clearance 
  • Notifies monitoring system the moment a kit is activated for use
  • Meets NPFA 72 and UL

Sample Emergency Kit Applications:

first_aid_kit  Hazmat_Kitleak_control_kit

en-Gauge Solutions Integrate With Leading Alarm and RTLS Systems Including:



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