Fire Extinguisher Inspection Compliance

90% of All Fire Extinguisher Are Not Inspected Each Month!

According to fire extinguisher industry data,  “Survey results indicate that maintenance problems are considerably greater than anticipated.”


  • 24% of extinguishers inspected annually are not in the proper location
  • 26% of extinguishers inspected annually are inoperable due to low pressure
  • 90% of occupancies mandated to do their month inspections do not do them

“Because portable fire extinguishers are central in helping to prevent fire damage and loss, and because of the fact that their effectiveness hinges on proper maintenance, these survey results are alarming.“… … … “Every effort should be made to ensure that, as a minimum, fire extinguishers are located and maintained in accordance with NFPA's standards.”

Fire Extinguishers were responsible for putting out approximately 5.3 Million Fires in the U.S. in 2010.  Are your's ready?