Healthcare and Joint Commission Compliance Challenges

Compliance, A Common Concern

Inspections by the Joint Commission find life safety challenges to be commonplace accross healthcare facilities.

Keeping compliant with codes challenges acute care, assisted care and ambulatory care.  Fire extinguisher compliance, O2 tank compliance and accessibility issues continue to be in the top concerns.  With the myriad of codes and thousands of points of risk,  even the best facilities can struggle.

Common Joint Commission Deficiencies: 

EC.02.03.01: Improperly stored gas cylinders. This can involve more than 12 E cylinders being stored in a smoke compartment, unsecured gas cylinders or improper storage of larger volumes of gas. Gas cylinder storage should be according to the 2005 edition of NFPA 99.

EC.5.40: Maintaining fire protection equipment

LS.02.01.35: Maintaining systems for extinguishing fires. 

EC.02.06.01: Maintaining a safe, functional environment. Temperature and humidity levels in the ORs, delivery rooms, central sterile, endoscopy, cath lab and substerile storage areas are being evaluated closely by Joint Commission surveyors, along with appropriate pressure differentials.