Testimonials and Endorsements

“We reduced our oxygen expenditures 50% in one month”

- Rick Kennedy, COO Aventura Medical Center

“The program could ultimately save Austin-Bergstrom $40,000 annually on staff hours and equipment devoted to maintaining the airport’s fire extinguishers.”

– Patti Edwards, Director of Operations and Public Safety, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport


“We are going campus-wide with this. There has been a huge decrease in vandalism and the comfort zone is priceless–knowing that extinguishers are available and going to work.”

– Mike Halligan, Associate Director of Health and Safety, University of Utah


“Human error and lack of attention could mean loss of life. Electronically monitoring fire extinguishers takes a big piece of that risk away and improves safety—it’s a win-win situation for building owners and occupants.”

– Greg Rogers, President of the Washington State Association of Fire Marshals


“The en-Gauge technology just makes sense. It brings better accountability to fire extinguishers, helps ensure code compliance and improves life safety.”

– Don Bliss, Director of the Center for Infrastructure Expertise, Portsmouth, NH

“Electronic monitoring of this vital equipment provides greater confidence and improved reliability.” 

- George Miller, retired New Jersey State Fire Marshal


“Electronic monitoring is a great system, especially in dorms where fire extinguishers tend to walk away," 

- Bob Scholes, Firemen's Fund Insurance Co.


“Our return on investment has been a little over 3 years.”

John D. Dingell VAMC, Detroit MI 


“Another large benefit to having the system is that we no longer have to go around checking the extinguishers once a month..... If you have a large building and they are spread apart that number can grow and cost you more, never mind the fact of if they are in difficult to reach areas. The biggest cost of not having this system though can be a surprise safety inspection comes and some of your fire extinguishers are not up to date or worse they have lost all pressure.”

American Tire Distributors, Londonderry NH