en-Gauge Patents and Intellectual Property

en-Gauge Respects IP From Other Companies and Protects Our Rights 

en-Gauge has pursued an approach to product development where we have envisioned the future impact of technologies on our customers and we have worked to integrate these technologies into our product and service offerings. Our intellectual property program mirrors this forward-looking approach.

en-Gauge inc. has created a broad portfolio of patents protecting markets and technologies, as well as those that we think lie ahead.  We continue to work with world-leading patent counsel Fish and Richardson and Strategic Patents to refine and expand the exclusive rights granted by our patents.

Below you will find a listing of representative U.S. patents. This listing does not include all of our patents, or the pending applications and the multitude of international patents that protect our core technologies. en-Gauge is granted new patents regularly.

With a focus on serving all markets with the broadest approach, en-Gauge has an active licensing program, for more details, please contact en-Gauge.

Electroluminescent Signaling Fire Extinguisher

Signaling Fire Extinguisher 

Signaling Portable Pressure Assembly

Signaling Fire Extinguisher Assembly

Remote Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Remote Fire Extinguisher Assembly

Remote Fire Extinguisher Inspection Station

Remote Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Monitoring of Contents of Fluid Container

Remote Monitoring of Fluid Containers

Transmission of Data to Emergency Support Personel

Remote monitoring