Crash Cart - Code Cart Monitoring Solutions

Crash Carts Need To Be Ready and Sterile

Code Carts, Crash Carts,  Keeping Them Ready is Hard Work

Crash Carts in healthcare facilities save lives every day.  They are only used in dire emergencies and can literally make the difference between life and death.  Yet every day, medical team members struggle to find crash carts when needed, and equipment on crash carts are not ready for use when called upon.

Crash cart placement and obstruction monitoring with en-Gauge's en-Vision Module®:

  • 24x7 Code Cart monitoring
  • Faster code response
  • en-Vision® Obstruction Recognition 
  • Keeps a 36 inch clearance free of obstruction
  • Notifies nurses station and monitoring system the moment a crash cart is pulled for use
  • Notification can be routed to central supply to alert that a cart needs to be sterilized
  • Works with leading RTLS systems and en-Gauge Safety Wireless