en-Gauge Makes People Safer

en-Gauge produces "Internet of Things", IoT, solutions for safety assets that results in lower costs and increased life safety. 

Our solutions keeps occupancies with large square footage and/or liability concerns compliant with building and fire codes. en-Gauge technology assures 24/7 code compliance and that fire extinguishers and other life safety components are located where needed, when needed. 

en-Gauge’s patented monitoring system is deployed in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, airports, governmental facilities, high tech manufacturing, hospitality structures and other higher risk occupancies across the country.

  • en-Gauge believes that keeping people safe is the job of all building owners and facility managers.
  • en-Gauge believe that the public is safer with fire extinguishers in buildings and we are committed to keeping fire extinguishers in buildings and in the codes.
  • en-Gauge supports the American With Disabilities Act and the right for every citizen to have immediate access to notification in case of a fire emergency and immediate physical access to egresses and crucial life safety components such as fire extinguishers.
  • en-Gauge is an ardent supporter of defibrillators and works to see that more people are trained on their use.
  • en-Gauge supports the reduction of surgical fires, and the FDA's efforts to see good practices in the OR.
  • en-Gauge supports proper care and use of medical O2, and encourages all healthcare providers to review OSHA, Joint Commission and NFPA practices.

en-Gauge welcome's the opportunity to talk to you, if you have question or need more information please contact us.


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