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Fire Safety as Part of Your Smart Home

Sleep Better Knowing Your Extinguishers Are Readysmarthome

Knowing that your home fire extinguishers are available, accessible and ready for use is vital to your family's safety, and that is what en-Gauge's Smart Home Fire Extinguisher ensures.  This Internet-of-Things life safety product makes sure your fire extinguishers are pressurized, where they are supposed to be and and not blocked or obstructed.  They tie wirelessly into your home network and will notify you via smartphone or text when there is a problem.

Why this monitored fire extinguishers makes sense for your home:

  • In 2012, fire departments responded to 381,000 residential fires*
  • Fire extinguishers effectively managed approximately 80% (304,000) of those fires **
  • Extrapolating data presented in a whitepaper by Green Collar Research, and estimated 570,000 additional residential fires were managed by extinguishers and the fire department was never notified***
  • Extinguishers put out a residential fire every 4 minutes in the U.S.***
  • There was a civilian fire death every 3 hours and 4 minutes in 2012*
  • There was a civilian fire injury every 32 minutes in 2012*

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*  NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency)
***  Green Collar Research

Internet of Things and the Future of Smart Homes

Smart Home Products Projected to Grow to $22 Billion By 2020

Safety, security and efficiency are big drivers for adoption of smart home technologies.  With fire rates in homes as high as one every 66 seconds,  fire extinguishers must be ready when needed and make a perfect addition to any smart home system.  en-Gauge is open to working with leading smart home platforms and can produce custom devices.

Why Integrate with en-Gauge Smart Home Extinguishers:

  • Works with WIFI, Zigbee, Z-Wave and other wireless technologies 
  • Works with any UL Listed fire extinguisher
  • Adds value to smart home platfom



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