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Fire Extinguisher Bomb / Fire Extinguisher IED News

Posted by en-Gauge on 9/15/14 4:18 PM

The Good News?  It has been months since we have seen a fire extinguisher IED story, the bad news?  There were two in one week!X-Ray_Fire_Extinguisher_IED

In Chile':

SANTIAGO, Chile — A blast ripped through a fast-food restaurant next to a busy subway station in Chile's capital on Monday, injuring at least 14 people in the most damaging of nearly 30 bombings or attempted bombings in Santiago this year.


In Nigeria:

THE police in Bauchi State in their determined efforts to reduce crime rate in the state have between August 2014 and now, recovered arms and ammunition including an improvised explosive device (IED), six various vehicles and five motorcycles.

.....According to him, within the period under review, one IED concealed in a fire extinguisher was also recovered,





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