en-Gauge Makes People Safer

en-Gauge produces "Internet of Things", IoT,  solutions for safety assets that results in lower costs and increased life safety. Our solutions keep schools, government and private organizations compliant with building and fire codes and ready to respond to emergencies, all while optimizing management time and resources. en-Gauge insures inspections are always completed and equipment is located where you need it, when you need it. en-Gauge has deployed its patented monitoring system in airports, hospitals college campuses, businesses and government facilities worldwide. 
  • en-Gauge believes that keeping people safe is the job of all building owners and facility managers.
  • en-Gauge believe that the public is safer with fire extinguishers in buildings and we are committed to keeping fire extinguishers in buildings and in the codes.
  • en-Gauge is an ardent supporter of defibrulators and works to see that more people are trained on their use.
  • en-Gauge supports the reduction of surgical fires, and FDA's efforts to see good practices in the OR.
  • en-Gauge supports proper care and use of medical O2, and encourages all healthcare providers to review OSHA, Joint Commission and NFPA practices.

en-Gauge welcome's the opportunity to talk to you, if you have question or need more infomation please contact us.


en-Gauge Blog

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