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en-Gauge technology Monitors and Tracks
critical life safely equipment.

Fire Extinguishers

Medical Oxygen

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Medical Oxygen Monitoring

Improve Care
Lower Cost 50%

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Fire Extinguisher Monitoring Life Safety

Increase Life Safety

Know the moment a fire extinguisher is in use, eliminate most inspections and make your facility safer.

healthcare safety monitoring solutions

Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Monitoring safety assets increases safety, lowers costs and satisfies Joint Commission guidelines. 

Medical Oxygen Cost Reduction

Lower Oxygen Costs

Reduce tank rentals and costs, tracking O2 tanks with RTLS is a superior way to manage O2.  

Fire and Life Safety Monitoring Documentation

Resources & Documentation

Get the documents and instructions you need to start installing today!

Fire and Life Safety Codes and Specifications

Codes and Standards

Get the specifications and code standards you need to get started.


Platform for Growth

en-Gauge technologies extend to scores of safety and environmental assets both wired and wireless. 

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